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Electronic Music Production: Arise Above - Trip Hop

Here is a really fun Trip Hop track I recently finished. You can listen to it and buy it on Bandcamp:

f you enjoy this music and want to see more of my Activ8te releases, check out my music on bandcamp. Enjoy listening to the track.
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Electronic Music Production:Teutonic Fantasy Trance

Here is another trace track I made last December. I find that making music is a great way to balance stress either at work or in life. This piece has a small section where I am noodling on my electric guitar. Stay tuned for more. If you enjoy this music and want to see more of my Activ8te releases, check out my music on bandcamp.

Forging a Handled Butcher

I forge and make a new tool: a handled butcher. The butcher assists with creating clear transitions in metal and I plan on using it for an axe forging project. I show how to turn a round bar into a very pretty butcher and then also show my method for taking hard wood and turning it into a handle that I will attach to the butcher. Lots of clever little tricks to learn here.

Electronic Music Production: A Trance Track

I have started to play with making electronic music. This is a trance track based on a really nice tutorial from Sadowick Production. It's pretty beat heavy and slowly builds up. I used Ableton and a number of different synths to create the sound. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement. Anyway, enjoy!

Nektar Panorama T4 and loose USB connections

I have been using the Nektar Panorama T4 as midi controller for my DAW. It connects via USB and at least for Cubase has a great integration where it's possible to navigate tracks and change many settings in Cubase directly from the midi keyboard. Unfortunately, the keyboard has a major design flaw. The USB B female port is too shallow. It's where the cable connecting the midi controller to the computer plugs in. The weight of the cable is sufficient to rotate the cable out of the USB-B port and that leads to constant disconnections from the computer. While it usually reconnects, it means that it's not reliable and super frustrating to get to work.

Today, I finally had enough and decided I either had to get rid of the T4 or figure out an alternative solution. Via Thingverse I found a USB-B port support and with some modification I made it fit with the Panorama T4. Some epoxy and a few hours of cure time, I finally have a more reliable midi controller. At least, it's not disconnecting constantly.

I hope somebody from Nektar Technologies reads this blog post and fixes the design of the USB port.