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When data contradicts security best practices

Mudge and I had the opportunity to talk about Security at Stripe Sessions. Our key takeaways:
SMS Challenge works
Password complexity doesn’t work
Security products can make it worse
You can measure security
"Always update," needs updating

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Pattern Welding Explained as Wearable Art

Pattern-Welding was used throughout the Viking-age to imbue swords with intricate patterns that were associated with mystical qualities. This visualization shows the pattern progression in a twisted road with increasing removal of material. It took me two years of intermittent work to get to this image. I liked this image so much that I ordered it for myself as a t-shirt and am looking forward for people asking me what the image is all about. If you want to get a t-shirt yourself, you can order this design via RedBubble. If you end up ordering a t-shirt, let me know if it ends up getting you into any interesting conversations!

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Fabricating a Trellis

The garden needed some trellises for roses. We came up with a circle design and are fabricating it in the shop. Mild steel bar is bent into many different ring sizes and then put together into a fairly large trellis. I am also showing some really beautiful slow motion shots of welding and grinding in high dynamic range.
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Support my videos on Patreon!

Add your support on Patreon to help me create more videos. Your support will help with materials, rent as well as other equipment, e.g. cameras, lights, software, etc. It is not required but appreciated. Due to time constraints I can make no promises on how often I will be able to publish new videos but my plan is to continue producing videos as long as people find them interesting.
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Forging the Finnish Spearhead from Rovaniemi, Marikkovaara: Part 3

My journey in recreating famous Finnish spearhead from Rovaniemi, Marikkovaara continues. In this episode, both the socket and the wrought iron core will be forge-welded into a single piece. The spearhead is getting closer to the famous Wolf Tooth pattern.
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Forging a Wolf Tooth Spear: Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my new A Spear Born of Fire video series. My journey in forging the famous Finnish Wolf Tooth Spear from Rovaniemi, Marikkovaara is making slow but steady progress. In this video, I am forming the spear socket and forge a mandrel that will be used for later forge welding. Stay tuned.
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