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Forging the Finnish Spearhead from Rovaniemi, Marikkovaara: Part 3

My journey in recreating famous Finnish spearhead from Rovaniemi, Marikkovaara continues. In this episode, both the socket and the wrought iron core will be forge-welded into a single piece. The spearhead is getting closer to the famous Wolf Tooth pattern.
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My Most Complex Pattern-Welded Sword

A Day at the Forge documents a single day at the shop. This time, I am working on a complex pattern-welded sword that contains a core of 8 pattern-welded bars. Watch me forge-weld the core and then assemble the cutting edges to create the pre-form of what will become a majestic Viking-age inspired sword.
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Turning Wagon Wheels into a Crucible Steel Knife

In this episode, we take wrought iron wagon wheels and turn them into steel by carburizing the iron via the crucible process. Watch me forge the resulting steel into a beautiful knife.
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Salvaging a Broken Wolf's Tooth Spear into a Beautiful Knife

Sometimes things break and sometimes they can be rescued. Watch me to turn a broken spear into a beautiful knife:
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How I got 5 Million Views on Youtube!

As of today, I have officially reached 5 million views on my Youtube channel. That seems like a large number for blacksmithing videos and something I never expected when I started documenting my exploits. So, let's take a look at the most popular videos.

In 2013, I made a knife for preparing Persian Kabab Barg. This video alone is responsible for almost 2 million views:

A year before that in 2012, I had started working on the Serpent in the Sword. A Viking-era sword with a pattern welded serpent at the core of the blade. At that point, I was also still learning how to mix audio; it was so bad I had to put up an audio remix. The Serpent in the Sword collection of videos accounts for another 2 million views:

At that point, I started spending much more time on video editing but never ended up with another really popular video. I found that pretty ironic. However, in 2013 John and I started experiments with making crucible steel which resulted in a knife with Wootz-like patterning. As of today, this video has a little bit more than one hundred thousand views:

Another video series which documents a complete sword build surprisingly only got a very few views. This is the sword I made for the ChronoBlade game. It was a lot of work and shows all sword making steps in detail but never really got popular.

Those are the mysteries of Youtube! Here is to another 5 million views.
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Towards Constructing a Spear with Wolf's Tooth Pattern

My latest experiments while still in the form of daggers are getting closer to how spears with this pattern look like. Here is the latest example. The first step is to insert the teeth using refined wrought iron into the high-carbon edge steel. For one side, I forged all the teeth and for the other side I cut them. Can you tell the difference?

Afterwards, I make the core from wrought iron and a twisted pattern-welded rod. In this case, I did a fish-mouth weld but that is not what I have seen in spears. After the core is welded, I fit both of the pieces together. The fit needs to be as tight as possible for the next welding step to be successful:

Here are the results before heat treating with a light etch:

Still far from perfect but slowly getting there.
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