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Forging a Woodworking Holdfast

I made these for a woodworking friend and thought I would share the process of forging a holdfast with you. You'll even get to see a contrived example at the end where the leverage of cutting a piece of wood at the end requires two holdfasts to secure the work piece. Enjoy.

Forging a Handled Butcher

I forge and make a new tool: a handled butcher. The butcher assists with creating clear transitions in metal and I plan on using it for an axe forging project. I show how to turn a round bar into a very pretty butcher and then also show my method for taking hard wood and turning it into a handle that I will attach to the butcher. Lots of clever little tricks to learn here.

A reconstruction of the Wolf's Tooth Spear

Here is the first successful experiment in recreating the famous Finnish lance. The core of the spear consists of wrought iron which have been forge-welded to the spear socket. Twisted pattern-welded bar has then been attached to the core in another forge-welding pass. Finally, the outer higher-carbon steel has been prepared with a wolf's tooth pattern and then also attached via forge welding. Expect a video documenting the whole process.

The Bookshelf Project

What does creating a bookshelf have to do with blacksmithing? Watch the video to find out. This was a weekend project and it started by creating a scrolling jig that we used to forge many many identical scrolls.

After this project is done, it's back to crucible steel and knife making.