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Forging A Viking Broad Sword: from start to finish

This is a video completing about two years of work in creating a single-edged pattern-welded sword or seax that could plausibly have been created during Viking times. It shows alls steps from assembling pieces of steel, twisting and forging until the sword blade is complete and tested with a simple cutting test.

It’s about 30 minutes long and shot on a Sony FS7. It’s 4K and color graded for high-dynamic range (HDR).

Forging a Wolf Tooth Spear

A Spear Born of Fire is a new video series in which I will show how to forge a Wolf Tooth Spear. The spear closely follows the famous Finnish spearhead from Rovaniemi, Marikkovaara. It will have two pattern-welded bars within the wolf tooth pattern. I will start at the very beginning by consolidating wrought iron that will then be forged into a wide plate. Afterwards, I form the spear socket and continue with lots of forge welding.

Early Experiments in Visualizing Pattern-Development for Viking-age Blades

Visualizing pattern-welded steel has always been intriguing to me. At the forge, I end up layering different kinds of steels by varying carbon-content, nickel or phosphorous but ultimately don't know how the patterns will look until everything is forged, heat-treated, polished and etched. Using tools from the visual-effects industry, to be specific SideFX's Houdini, I have started exploring different ways of visualizing pattern-development. Here is a very early experiment:

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