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Forging a Wolf Tooth Spear

A Spear Born of Fire is a new video series in which I will show how to forge a Wolf Tooth Spear. The spear closely follows the famous Finnish spearhead from Rovaniemi, Marikkovaara. It will have two pattern-welded bars within the wolf tooth pattern. I will start at the very beginning by consolidating wrought iron that will then be forged into a wide plate. Afterwards, I form the spear socket and continue with lots of forge welding.

A reconstruction of the Wolf's Tooth Spear

Here is the first successful experiment in recreating the famous Finnish lance. The core of the spear consists of wrought iron which have been forge-welded to the spear socket. Twisted pattern-welded bar has then been attached to the core in another forge-welding pass. Finally, the outer higher-carbon steel has been prepared with a wolf's tooth pattern and then also attached via forge welding. Expect a video documenting the whole process.

Forge Diaries: Ep. 6.5: Update on Wolf's Tooth Patterns

While I am still experimenting with how to achieve different kinds of Wolf's Tooth patterns, I thought a quick video update might be in order. This video does not show any process but highlights some of the experiments I have conducted lately. This includes high tech 3d modeling to create bronze guards for a dagger: