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Activ8te: I Am Tracking You (feat. AENDZI)

The third track in our cybersecurity series highlights the dangers of losing privacy through our dependence on technology. With decades of experience in tackling complex security issues, the producers of this track focus on the dangers of spyware and how it can steal personal information and leave individuals vulnerable to serious threats. The EDM Pop song features compelling dubstep elements. Through its powerful lyrics and haunting sound, “I Am Tracking You” warns listeners about the potential consequences of being monitored through the technology they use on a daily basis.

Activ8te, a member of the Cyber-House Collective, has collaborated with security researchers and indie artists like AENDZI to release “I Am Tracking You,” a song about the dangers of spyware and the threat it poses to our privacy. The track, which features EDM-influenced dance vibes and inspiring vocals, is part of a series of songs about cybersecurity and aims to stimulate interest in learning more about the challenges of security. The first track in the series, “Teardrop Falling,” received positive reviews in many different outlets. The message of “I Am Tracking You” is particularly relevant in today’s world, where our devices can potentially turn against us and compromise our privacy. One example of spyware that can lead to stalking of individuals by their own phones is NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware. This spyware has been used by governments and other organizations to track and monitor individuals through their smartphones, without their knowledge or consent.

You can listen to “I Am Tracking You” on Bandcamp:

or via various other music services here.

Producer: Jake Lizzio, Activ8te
Lyrics: Elie Burzstein, Jake Lizzio, Activ8te
Vocals: AENDZI, Jake Lizzio

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