Activ8te: I Am Tracking You (feat. AENDZI)

Through its powerful lyrics and haunting sound, “I Am Tracking You” warns listeners about the potential consequences of being monitored through the technology they use on a daily basis.

Activ8te, part of the Cyber-House Collective, teamed up with security experts and indie artists like AENDZI to debut “I Am Tracking You.” This EDM-inspired track spotlights spyware threats to privacy. It’s a sequel to the well-received “Teardrop Falling,” and both songs are part of a cybersecurity-focused series designed to raise awareness. The relevance of “I Am Tracking You” is underscored by real-world threats like NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware, which allows covert tracking of users via their smartphones without consent.

You can also listen to “I Am Tracking You” on Bandcamp:

or via various other music services here.

Producer: Jake Lizzio, Activ8te
Lyrics: Elie Burzstein, Jake Lizzio, Activ8te
Vocals: AENDZI, Jake Lizzio

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