Electronic Music Production:Teutonic Fantasy Trance

'Teutonic Fantasy Trance' is a bold and structured electronic music track that transports listeners to a sonic world of precision and power, evoking mental clarity and rigorous thinking associated with the Teutons.

Get ready to transport yourself to a world of Teutonic precision and power with my new track, ‘Teutonic Fantasy Trance.’ This track is like a sonic suit of armor that will protect you from the chaos of everyday life and help you tap into your inner Teuton warrior. With its bold beats and structured melodies, this track will have you channeling your inner medieval knight, ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way. So put on your headphones and get ready to enter a world of Teutonic mental clarity and rigorous thinking.

I find that making music is a great way to balance stress either at work or in life. This piece has a small section where I am noodling on my electric guitar. Stay tuned for more. If you enjoy this music and want to see more of my Activ8te releases, check out my music on bandcamp.

You may wonder why I decided to record with an electric guitar. The ancient wisdom of ChatGPT comes to the rescue:
Electric guitars are like the supermodels of the guitar world - they can be amplified to whatever volume you want, have a slimmer and more comfortable body, and can rock any musical style you throw their way. Acoustic guitars are like the grandma sweaters of the guitar world - they might be comfortable, but they can’t handle the spotlight like an electric can. Just don’t tell your acoustic guitar I said that.

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