Featured image of post Producing music video in Unreal Engine: Hair Groom Collisions

Producing music video in Unreal Engine: Hair Groom Collisions

Solving missing hair groom collisions in Unreal during the production of the music video for Activ8te's latest track: Netrunner.

For Activ8te’s latest track, Netrunner, I am producing a music video that tells the story of Lucy, a netrunner who uses social engineering to extract secrets from a Militech corporate hacker. The music video is produced completely in Unreal and makes use of Unreal’s metahuman technology. During the chorus, a dance scene will be playing in which Lucy moves her arms above her head and hits her hair. Unfortunately, by default, metahuman grooms do not collide with the skeleton. Fortunately, the fix is easy.

Missing Hair Groom Collisions

A frame from the sequencer in which the hair penetrates through the arm. A sign that collisions are not working.

Missing collision from the hair groom with the skeletion mesh

Fixing the Metahuman Blueprint

Fortunately, I found a post by Ryan Corniel that led me on the right path. In the event graph of the metahuman blueprint, the skeletal mesh needs to be added as a collision component to the hair groom. The event that allows this is the component activated event that can be found under the groom asset; see the image below.

The skeleton needs to be added as a collision component.

Working Collision of Groom against the Arm

Turing on game simulation and scrubbing to the frame in the sequencer, now shows collisions working correctly.

The groom no correctly collides with the arm.

This was just one of the many problems, I encountered when producing the music video for Activ8te’s new Netrunner track.

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