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Outguess and Stegdetect Downloads


OutGuess 0.2 - Source Code

Stegdetect 0.6 - Source Code


Stegdetect 0.6 - 2004-09-06

  • Supports linear discriminant analysis to detect any stego system.
  • Improved F5 detection.

Stegdetect 0.5 - 2002-01-26

  • Detects data hidden at the end of JPEG files.
  • Improved OutGuess detection.

Stegdetect 0.4 - 2001-12-21

  • Improves detection accuracy for jsteg and jphide.
  • JPEG header analysis to reduce false positives.
  • Stegbreak improved for outguess 0.13b.

Stegdetect 0.3 - 2001-10-02

  • Includes stegbreak to launch dictionary attacks against JSteg-Shell, JPHide, and outguess 0.13b.

Stegdetect 0.2x - 2001-07-23

  • Includes xsteg, a graphical frontend for stegdetect. Minor reliability fix to stegdetect when dealing with large images.

OutGuess 0.2 - 2001-02-12

  • Preserves statistical properties of the cover medium, no known statistical tests based on frequency counts can detect steganographic content. Determines the size of a message that can be hidden safely. Uses more DCT coefficients in the JPEG format. OutGuessĀ 0.2 is not backwards compatible with OutGuessĀ 0.13b. Please upgrade to OutGuessĀ 0.2.
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