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Producing Music In Ableton: I am Tracking You


Here is quick behind the scenes view of me producing our next cybersecurity-themed EDM track: “I Am Tracking You.” Working in Ableton with about a 100 tracks and a lot of plugins, everything is getting noticeably slower and the latency on the Push 2 is almost a second long. Both kittens are helping and don’t mind listening to the music through my studio monitors and subwoofer. The job for today is to mix the vocals better and I am experimenting with side-changing soothe2 to cut into the supersaw synths to make more room for the vocals.

I Am Tracking You

The track itself is about powerful spyware and how it can completely invade our privacy and get a hold of all of the secrets we store on our devices. If you think this is fiction, I’d encourage you to read up on the work by Citizenlab on governments using spyware to violate the privacy of journalists, human rights activist and political opponents. Unlike other tracks, this track sits solidly in the EDM Pop genre and is performed from the perspective of jilted lover using spyware to spy on their ex. It’s again a collaboration between AENDZI, Jake Lizzio, Elie Burszstein and myself.

Current Tracks

Once the track is ready, it will be relased in all the usual venues. In the meantime, you can listen to my other tracks at Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Enjoy.

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