Featured image of post Launching Activ8te's Quantum Breach at DEF CON 31

Launching Activ8te's Quantum Breach at DEF CON 31

Fans of cybersecurity-themed industrial techno will enjoy the drop of Quantum Breach on August 10th. Experience it live at DEF CON 31.

The call for soundtrack submissions for DEF CON 31 this year provided an opportunity to produce industrial techno just made for DEF CON. In a dark basement 0x30 miles away from Detroit, Jake Lizzio of Signals Music Studio and I produced this track in a few days - just in time for the submission deadline. Whether or not it made the cut is something you’ll have to find out on your own. Were they able to resist this compelling and absolutely not humble pitch?

Dive into the abyss of techno with “Quantum Breach” by Activ8te®, a globally recognized security mastermind turned music producer. Activ8te mixes relentless techno beats and an audacious hacker ethos to paint a sonic landscape echoing the urgent intensity of cybersecurity. With a cryptic blend of English and German, this track encapsulates a dark and menacing atmosphere resonating with anyone entrenched in the vanguard of technology. Immerse in the pulse, and navigate the enigmatic intersection where code meets rhythm. Welcome to the future of cyber-sound.

If you want to experience “Quantum Breach” live at DEF CON 31, Acid-T will be playing the track on the ACK stage on Friday at 22:00 and on Saturday, at 16:00 at Wall of Sheep. It’s going to be a blast!

Acid T on stage

If the terms industrial techno and EDM do not mean anything to you, don’t despair and read my guide on electronic dance music. I hope you discover some new music there. If you want to get into producing yourself, Jake has a great music theory and songwriting class. Check it out.

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