San Mai Knife

Failed San Mai Attempt A while ago, I forged a San Mai billet with the hope to turn it into a tanto. Unfortunately, the forge I was using had a very oxygen rich atmosphere and the welds did not take very well. Over the last couple of days, I spent some time grinding and heat treating the remaining steel into a knife for practice purposes. The cable structure of the knife came out very nicely with repeated applications of lemon juice and metal polish to remove the oxides left by the lemon juice etch.

I also figured out how to take decent pictures of the steel. The trick was to use direct light rather than diffused light that shines directly on the blade, and then have black surfaces inside the light box. The angle of the knife needs to be so that the black is reflected do the camera. Although, this is a failed knife due to all the welding flaws, it still was an interesting experiment.

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