SpyBye 0.3 released

SpyBye 0.3 adds an interesting twist to SpyBye. Previously, you would have to enter a URL into the form field and wait for the analysis to complete. SpyBye 0.3 adds a proxy mode in which you use SpyBye as a regular proxy for your web browsing. There is no need to enter any URLs into any form fields, instead SpyBye analyzes all downloads in the background and provides you with a warning notification whenever it encounters content that is potentially malicious. At that point, you can click on the link in the notification and receive a more detailed analysis of the web page.

The image on the left provides one such example. When you click on the link in the red warning box, you see a popup that shows all the implicit HTTP resources loaded into your browser and an analysis of the danger level. In fact, in proxy mode, you could just do all of your web browsing through SpyBye and be protected from bad content in return.

Let me know how you like it.

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